This software is Freeware (see the licence agreement at the bottom for an explanation of commercial usage)

This is just me trying my luck, but donations are greatly appreciated!! (Helps with hosting). It in no way effects the software.

First things first, here is the download. v1.5.6 click here for more info.

Old VersionFuzzy Duck Explorer +. v1.483


Fuzzy Duck Explorer Plus is replacing the standard version. You can get the last standard version (with no user admin features) here. Standard will be updated as I update Plus, but the main development branch is now Plus.

If you are having trouble uploading large files please check out this link

Windows 7 Users, ASP is not set up by default, please follow the guide below to set it up!

Server 2008 users again ASP classic is not set up so follow this guide!!

What is Fuzzy Duck Explorer Plus (FDE+) - Back

FDE+ is a free web based file manager.
The project grew out of the frustration I felt from not being able to find a free File Manager, written in ASP that did everything I wanted and looked good!! (I think this looks ok ;))

It features:

Screen Shots - Back

Detail View, Click image for larger picture


Tile View, Click image for larger picture

Detail View   Tile View

So lets start from the beginning, Installation. - Back

If you just upload the Explorer folder to you website, it should just work.

You must have read write access for iis guest user on the whole explorer folder.

A tip from Eyal Zarchi, add the apps location to your trusted sites!!

But there are a few settings you can tweak in the default.asp file.

.databasePath = server.mappath("./db/login.mdb")
.loginLog = false
.idleLogout = 5
.showHiddenItems = false
.bannedFolders = "folder1|folder2"
.bannedFiles = "mp3|wmv"
.searchPanel = true
.newfilePanel = true
.newfolderPanel = true
.viewChangerPanel = true
.uploadPanel = 3
.buttons = true
.dateFormat = "ddmmyyyy"
.uploadProgressBar = true
.guestLink = true
.useUploadDLL = "" 'tabsupload
.openLinkIn = "same" 'same , new , both
.root=""'Custom root for the site

Per user folder permissions

Ok this needs a little explanation. As an admin you will see this icon next to every folder Folder Permissions Icon
Click on this and you will be taken to a list of users. Each user has a tick box in front of it and one after it.

The first tick box selects a user that will have access to the folder.
The second box selects if the user will on have read only access to the folder.
This will override any other settings made when the user was created.

A hidden file called fuzzyperm.fde is created in the folder with a list of usernames in it.
This allows you to customize areas to allow certain access to certain folders or have admin only folders etc.

File and Folder attributes.

Click on the one of the following icons and you will be taken to an attributes editor Folder Attributes File Attributes
Hidden files or folders appear faded in FDE.

These changes affect the actual files and folders so be carefully!!!

Updates. - Back

Updated 21/01/08 - Only browserclass.asp is changed

Updated 10/12/07

Updated 25/07/07

Updated 12/07/07

Updated 16/06/07

Updated 20/04/07

Updated 20/02/07

Updated 21/12/06

Updated 27/11/06

Updated 16/11/06

Updated 08/11/06

Updated 07/11/06

Updated 06/11/06

Updated 19/10/06

Updated 18/10/06

Updated 10/08/06

Updated 02/08/06 Updated 24/07/06


Ok the beta is 1.5 beta version 6 at the moment. It is a pretty big update!!

Updated 09/04/08

The new stuff


This is a total reinstall there is no ability to import old users directly. The basic settings are the same in the default.asp page, with the addition of folderwatch=true|false.

All permissions will need to be set up again as they are now handled differently.

You can bulk create users so all is not lost if you have a lot of them!!.  Click on bulk add in the admin area.

Here you can paste a comma separated list of users and details.


username,password,email,user root,readonly (1 or 0),isadmin (1 or 0), quota

test1,test1,[email protected],,0,1,0

This will add user test1 with a password of test1.  They will be admin.

test2,test2,[email protected],test123,1,0,15

This will add user test2 with a password of test2.  They will be read only, have a toot folder of test123 and a quota of 15MB

Have fun and report those bugs!!

Contact me at - [email protected] - Back

Licence agreement - Back

Fuzzy Duck Explorer is free to distribute and to alter for non commercial projects.
It is not free to sell FDE as a stand alone product or as a feature of any commercial website or product. If you wish to do this please contact me and we can discuss your needs.   Laid by Fuzzy Duck Web Design  Yet Another Review Site: Games Reviews and News Website