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gamified.co.ukThis is a personal wordpress blog that has been running since around 2009. Since 2011 it has mainly focused on Gamification, leading to me speaking at various events and publishing an ebook on the topic Gamification: A Simple Introduction .

Yet Another Review Site

Yet Another Review SiteYet Another Review Site was launched in 2006. It is a games news and reviews site, run by me and a few volunteer editors. It is again a wordpress based site, with some custom built theme additions and plugins running. The site is dedicated to giving people a platform to get into the games reviewing industry and therefore encourages anyone to have a go.

Fuzzy Duck Explorer

Fuzzy Duck ExplorerThis is an application that I began writing in 2000. It is an server file manager written in ASP. It allows you to create multiple users and user folders as well as edit files online and all of the basic file management you would expect!


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